Compensation Plan

The Launch Of Our New Staggered Pass Up Pay Plan Is Creating A Money Machine

The iBuzzExpress Comp Plan uses Leverage to Maximize your income potential. Perpetual Feel the Freedom to work with your team. The Staggered Pass Up Plan is much better and more lucrative than the standard One Up Pay Plan. For example The One Up Pay Plan creates competition between your upline and your downline. The Staggered Pass Up Pay Plan encourages TEAM WORK because your getting paid on a greater number of people in your sales organization.


More Information On This Powerful Pay Plan

You will immediately get your own iBuzzExpress Website. It will be ready go and fully functional. You'll be able to start selling iBuzzExpress within minutes of joining. We supply the merchant account. All you have to do is sign customers up and our software does the rest. You'll also receive a professional back office where you can track your customers and your downline.

A Qualified Coach earns $200 on a receiving line from every first sale to infinity. This is why we call it maximum leverage. Here is an example.

Receiving Line for Qualified Sales Coaches...

For Example - You make a sale to Tom
Tom makes his first Training Sale to Mary. Mary and the $200 commission gets passed up to you because you are the Qualified Sales Coach. Then Mary makes her first sale to Steve. Steve and the $200 commission gets passed up to you because it was Mary's Training Sale and You are the Qualified Sales Coach. This will continue forever in that Income Line as long as each person continues to make their first sale.

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